• Leak Detector/Gas Analyzer

    LCT-08 is a trace gas measuring system based on I.R. absorption sensing techniques.
    This technology enables a selective detection of different gases at the PPM (or sub-PPM) concentration level...

  • Web based Instruments Software

    Qbit systems can be equipped with a software enabling realtime uploading of data on a cloud server, making measures available on the web....

  • Portable PM measuring system LCT-14

    LCT-14 is field PM measuring instrument characterized by maximum portability and connectivity....


  • OEM sensors for PM and trace gas detection

    Qbit produces and supplies high sensitivity OEM devices for the detection of solid or gaseous pollutants...



QBit S.r.l.

Qbit produces opto-electronic instrumentation for the detection of trace gases or particulate matter, designed for  air quality monitoring and analysis.

primavera 06 159  Carrying out this activity we help in the progressive achievement of  a definite reduction of the effects of  human activity on the atmosphere. Activities that resulted in greenhouse gases  (CH4,  CO2 , SF6)  increase or ozone layers depletion in the stratosphere  produced by CFC / HCFC pollutants release, deemed to be responsible for many climate changes.


In this way QBIT takes part to the effort aimed at the environmental protection. 


Gas Sensors

Our sensors for trace gas detection adopt the N.D.I.R. (Non Dispersive Infra Red) Tecnology. This technology is based on light absorption at selected wavelengths for each different gas.


Micro Dust sensors

The measuring principle of our micro-dust sensors is the detection of the scattered light from a collimated laser beam within an interaction chamber. Each sensor consists of the optical chamber and a control board.



Qbit manufactures several different self-standing instruments for air quality measurements both for industrial tests and for workplace hygiene or environmental monitoring.



Qbit sensors are integrated into several devices for industrial process-monitoring as well as into  instruments for test and measurements.