Qbit sensors are integrated into several devices for industrial process-monitoring as well as into  instruments for test and measurements.

Industrial Applications

Final Test of AC systems in the Automotive Industry


Our sensors have been integrated into different devices for monitoring industrial plants  as well as in various instruments for testing and measurements.
Our principal applications have been related to refrigerant gas leak testing in the production lines of domestic refrigerators, shop freezers, deep freezers, industrial, domestic or automotive Air Conditioning (AC) systems.
But also detection of formaldehyde in wood processing lines as well as SF6 leak detection in High Voltage (HV) power production/distribution plants have been developed and supplied.

Environmental Applications

Measurement of methane release in a paper mill sludge waste


Our sensors have been adopted in the most diverse  environmental applications ranging from the bio-gas production measurements in waste plants or digestors to the detection of ammonia in city sewage systems.
Green house gases and pollutants can be easily and efficiently detected by I.R. absorption:  sensors for carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, methanol, benzene, ammonia, methane and other hydrocarbons are available off-the-shelf. Sensors for other gases can be developed on demand.

With its products, Qbit helps to reduce the atmosphere contamination with polluting gases thus  contributing to improve the environmental protection.

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