PM measuring station LCT-12

LCT-12 Is a Micro-dust measuring station that can be  installed indoor or outdoor. It’s completely self standing , and delivers microdust concentrations in a digital  (via USB or RS232) and/or analog ( 4-20 mA) format, at an  output rate  up to 1 measure per second. An autocalibration procedure is carried out at regular time intervals (programmable between few minutes and several hours).

The micro-dust measuring station is equipped with a selection filter either of the porous type or of the inertial type (cyclone).

LCT-12cLCT-12 for outdoor installation

LCT-12N for indoor/outdoor installation

in the following Graph some measurements (daily average) are reported collected in a courtyard in the city of Florence by an LCT-12 station continuously working for four years now. They are compared with the official data of the Environmental Agency registered in two other parts of the town (a traffic site and a background site).


PM10 Measurements have been collected with one of our optical stations in a residential area in Florence for the whole month of October 2016. In the following graph the daily average is compared with the offical data published by the local Environmental Agency (data are labeld with the name of the street where they are collected. “Botta” refers to the LCT-12 station):



System specifications LCT-12N:

External Dimensions 10 x 20 x 25 cm3
Supply voltage 12 V or 24 V (DC)
Output signals Digital (ASCII) via USB , RS-232or Bluetooth
Measuring Range 0-5.000 μg/m3
Precision 1 μg/m3 for PM2.5 ( on 30 sec)
Measure repetition time selectable 1-60 sec

A longer measuring time allows a better signal filtering, thus determining a higher precision.


pdfLCT12-N technical note (Italian)




Cima1This picture shows a typical out-door installation of the LCT-12 measuring station. The instrument is integrated in a fixed monitoring system in the La Spezia Harbour (Italy). The system has been set up in the framework of the “Paradigma ACRONET” project by the CIMA and ACROTEC Companies (Italy)

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