Leak Detector /Trace gas Analyzer LCT-08

The Leak Detector / Trace Gas Analyzer LCT-08 is based on an infra-red light absorption technique, which allows selective detection of molecular species with abundances as small as few PPM (Parts Per Million). It is equipped with one or two infra-red optical sensors of our production. This instrument is widely employed in gas leak search applications but it can be used for monitoring small concentrations of any environmental gases detectable with Qbit I.R. sensors.

LCT-08LCT-08b LCT-08aLCT-08c

System specifications:

Calibration Internal: with factory settings
External: with customer supplied calibrated leak
Audio Alarm At threshold with leak proportional frequency
Three volume levels
Out Mini Jack 3.5mm for external speakers
Flow rate 110÷130 sccm
AC power 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 30 Watts
Fuse F2.0AL (250V – 2.0A)x2
Warm-up time 6 minutes for initial operation
30 minutes to meet all specs
Working Temperature da 12°C a 40° C
Storage Temperature –20°C a 80° C
Ambient Humidity 10% a 80% RH , non-condensing
Main Screen White on blue, LCD 240 x128 pixels
Handpiece Screen Color, OLED 160 x 128 pixels
Case Dimensions 260 x 250 x 120 mm (except adjustable handle-bar)
Cord Length 2800 mm
Handpiece Dimensions 180 x 86 x 45 mm
Weight 4 kg


– n. 20 paper filters
– AC Power Cord
– USB cable
– Software CD
– Operation manual
– Optional :  Battery Operation
– The instrument complies with  EN-61010-1 e EN-61326-1 standards.

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