Gas Sensors


Our sensors for trace gas detection adopt the N.D.I.R. (Non Dispersive Infra Red) Tecnology. This technology is based on light absorption at selected wavelengths for each different gas.

Qbit produces two lines of gas sensors: the   LS series for gas leak detection and the  3G series for environmental measurements


LS detectors series

LS series gas sensors are designed for maximum sensitivity and speed they do not have a reference channel. Thus a calibration procedure (background detection) is needed with these sensors. Each sensor consists of an I.R. detection cell and an electronic board. The board is equipped with a micro-processor which performs the measurement and transmits it to any external control unit via an RS-232 protocol. For complete operations the sensor requires an RS-232 line, DC power supply (+/- 15 V) and connection to a suitable pneumatic circuitry to allow the gas being tested to flow into the cell.

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Detectable Gases

We are ready to consider requests for gases that are not yet in this list of stock gas sensors.

 3G detectors series

3G series gas sensors are designed for long lasting stand alone measurements, such as those needed in environmental monitoring. They have been designed to work both in flowing or diffusion driven operating conditions. They monitor the I.R. signal on up to four different channels thus enabling the measurements of concentration of three different gases (with a reference signal). They are 3.3V or 5V operated (low power consumption ~0.5 W). A USB standard connection allows direct interfacing and power supplying from a lap-top. These sensors also monitor environmental variables (Temperature, Pressure and relative Humidity), enabling the compensation of disturbances induced by these quantities on the gas measurements.  The typical response time in diffusion driven measurements is of the order of 90 seconds.

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