Qbit manufactures several different self-standing instruments for air quality measurements both for industrial tests and for workplace hygiene or environmental monitoring.

 LCT-08 Leak Detector/GAs Analyzer

LCT-08The Leak Detector / Trace Gas Analyzer LCT-08 is based on an infra-red light absorption technique, which allows selective detection of molecular species with abundances as small as few PPM (Parts Per Million). It is equipped with one or two infra-red optical sensors of our production. This instrument is widely employed in gas leak search applications but it can be used for monitoring small concentrations of any environmental gases detectable with Qbit I.R. sensors.



LCT-12 PM Measuring Station

LCT-12 is a Micro-dust measuring station that can be  installed indoor or outdoor. It’s completely self standing , and delivers microdust consentrations in a digital  format (ASCII via USB , RS232 or Bluetooth interface) , at an  output rate  up to 1 measure per second. An autocalibration procedure is carried out at regular time intervals (programmable between few minutes and several hours).

The micro-dust measuring station is equipped with a dust selection filter of the inertial or porous type.

You can click here to see an example of real-time environmental monitoring application:



 LCT-14 Portable PM meter

LCT-14 is the QBit portable PM Measuring system directly derived from the experience of LCT-12 the Laser scattering based PM Measuring Station for Environmental Monitoring. LCT-14 adopts the Laser Light scattering sensor produced by QBit and it has the advantage of being battery operated and enclosed in a rugged watertight plastic case. A further advantage of LCT-14 is that it has been designed to be operated using standard open-source resources. This makes it much easier to interface with the external world and take advantage of the “Internet of things”.

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