Gas Sensors

sensori_DSCN2156aOur sensors for trace gas detection adopt the N.D.I.R. (Non Dispersive Infra Red) Tecnology. This technology is based on the measurement of light absorption at selected wavelengths optimized for each different gas.

Qbit produces two lines of gas sensors. The  LS series for gas leak detection and the  3G series for environmental measurements.



Micro Dust Sensors

sensori_polveriThe measuring principle of our micro-dust sensors is the detection of the scattered light from a collimated laser beam within an interaction chamber. Each sensor consists of the scattering chamber and an electronic board. The board is equipped with a micro-processor which performs the measurement and transmits it to any external control unit.






LCT-08QBit produces a set of Instruments  based on its own sensors technology, for the detection of gas or solid pollutants. Intruments available include I.R. gas leak detectors, Air quality stations as well as an extremely versatile Portable PM meter.  Gases can be detected down into the PPM (Part Per Million) range. Malti-gas detection sytems are available and mixed technology (PM plus Gas detection) can be set up on request. LCT-12 and LCT-14 enable a contiuous monitoring of  Particualte Matter (PM2.5 or PM10) and data are immediately made available on the “cloud” by our instruments software.

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