LCT – 14


Real-time measurement of PM concentrations (PM2.5 or PM10)

Automatic optical cell cleaning and recalibration system

Portability for use on construction sites and workplaces

More than 15 hours of battery life

Easy connectivity for sending data to a server

Method of Operation

The Qbit LCT-14 Particulate Matter Meter (PM) is an instrument based on the measurement of “Laser Scattering” or the measurement of light scattered by the particulate present in the air sample introduced into an optical interaction cell. This type of measurement allows obtaining a real-time value, i.e. a continuous measurement of the particulate content in the air. The LCT-14 instrument shares the technical characteristics of the LCT-12 fixed station, but is made in a case and battery powered. In this way it lends itself to the temporary monitoring of particular sites such as construction sites or workplaces at risk. It can be integrated with panel power and can be configured to send data to remote servers.

Operating Specifications

Quantity Value Unit Notes
Supply voltage 24 Vdc  220 Vac P.S. and internal battery
Average power consumption <5 W at a pump flow equal to  2.2 l/min
Peak power load 15 W during calibration at a pump flow equal to 3 l/min
Pump flow 0-3 l/min SW settable
Measuring time 1-120 sec SW settable
Auto-calibration interval 1-600 min SW settable
single measurement digital length 64 Byte
Control Unit
Windows Tablet or Android Tablet/Phone
Control Unit Memory
>2 Gbyte Allows storage of more tha one million measurements
Duration no limit
With 220V Charger/Power Supply
>15 hours with  24V/5Ah battery
>24 hours with  24V/8Ah battery

The Tablet control unit is powered by the instrument and therefore its battery is kept charged. In case of a black-out, the Tablet remains on for about 4-5 hours and restarts measurements as soon as the instrument is powered from the mains again.

Resolution and Accuracy of Measurement Signals:

Quantity Value Unit Notes
PM signal resolution 1/4096 Full Scale
PM signal accuracy <1% Full Scale (2) on the whole range of measuring times
Maximum PM range 10000 μg/m3 (3) Factory Settable
Temperature resolution 0.01 °C (4)
Temperature accuracy  0.3 °C (4)
Pressure resolution 0.01 kPa (4)
Pressure accuracy 0.5 kPa (4)
Rel. Humidity resolution 0.04 % (4)
Rel. Humidity accuracy +/- 2 % (4) for Humidity values between 20% and 80%
  1. As indicated at the beginning of this data sheet, the PM measurement resolution and accuracy data are relative to the optical signal produced by the particulate sample. The similar specifications on the mass value of particulate matter are derived from a calibration process that is sensitive to the type of sample tested (carbon dust, such as those typically found in winter due to heating systems result in a higher conversion coefficient than silica dust more typical of summer measurements). The accuracy of the mass data, at a specific site and in a specific time period, must therefore be evaluated by comparison over an interval of several hours with a gravimetric measuring system (Primary Method).
  2. The accuracy of the measurement is greater the greater the measurement interval. For measurements longer than 10 seconds, accuracy can reach levels better than 1 part in 1000.
  3. The standard range set at the Factory corresponds to a concentration of 1500 μg/m3 at Full Scale. Which produces for what is indicated in (2) a measurement sensitivity better than 2 μg/m3 For measurements on intervals of 10 seconds or more.
  4. The temperature measurement is taken at the air intake of the instrument. It is therefore indicative of the measurement temperature in the optical cell. It may differ by a few degrees from the “external ambient temperature” due to heat dissipated by the instrument itself.
Version Usage Internal battery Dimensions Weight suggested for
PC-R external PC
NO 318x257x152 3.4 kg INDOOR/outdoor 
T-R Tablet included
NO 318x257x152 3.4 kg OUTDOOR
PC-B external PC
24V- 5Ah 318x257x152 5.8 kg INDOOR/outdoor 
T-B Tablet included
24V- 5Ah 318x257x152 5.8 kg OUTDOOR