LCT – 18


Portable leak detector/gas analyzer with sub-PPM sensitivity
Battery operated with more than 30 hours of battery life
Can be equipped with all NDIR sensors produced by Qbit s.r.l.

Bluetooth interfacing with tablet or mobile phone

Method of Operation

The Qbit LCT-18 Leak Detector/Gas Analyzer is a robust portable instrument particularly suitable for finding leaks in difficult environments such as outdoor electricity grid systems. It can however be used on a bench for testing equipment containing gas and the related search for leaks. It can be equipped with all the gas sensors produced by Qbit, making various uses possible, from testing equipment filled with refrigerating or insulating gases to searching for traces of bio-gas in waste landfills. The Bluetooth interfacing allows you to control the instrument from commercial units such as a mobile phone, keeping it closed in a shoulder case.

Operating Specifications

The measurement specifications are those of the sensor that is used and can be read in the gas sensor data sheets on this website, in the documentation section.

Quantity Value Unit Notes
Supply Voltage 24 Vdc 110/220 Vac P.S. and internal battery
Average power consumption ~ 6 W  
Pump flow 120 sccm Factory selectable
Measure time 0.5 – 10 s SW selectable
zero calibration     manual with SW command
Duration no limit   With 220V Charger/Power Supply
  >30 hours With 24V/5Ah battery