Serie LS


100PPM or 1000PPM full range scale
Fast response (down to 0.5s)
Very low minimum detection limit (e.g. : 0.2 PPM SF6, 0.5PPM CO2)
Wide spectrum of detectable gases
Thermal drift compensation
Easy to integrate in OEM systems

LS series sensors are developed for gas leak detection for the industrial testing sector. They are typically used in instruments that operate with a “sniffer” method by selectively drawing gas into specific areas of apparatus where leaks could occur. To achieve maximum sensitivity they operate in a single IR channel scheme, so they require recalibration (zeroing the background signal) before each leak search. They are capable of measuring a leak with a response time of 0.5 seconds.

The most frequently detected gases are refrigerant gases in the refrigeration industry, hydrocarbons, and insulating gases for high-voltage electrical networks (such as SF6 or Novec). However, most molecular gases are detectable. Qbit has already made sensors for: CO, CO2, R134, R404 , R407, R410, R22, R1234yf , CH4, C2H6, C3H8 (R290), C4H10 (R600) – C2H4O, C2H2 , C2H4 , SF6 , NH3 , Novec 4710, Novec 5110 , SO2 , SO2F2 , SOF2 . Other gases can be investigated at the customer’s request.

The standard models of LS series sensors are listed below and their data sheets with measurement specifications can be downloaded.

GAS Maximum Concentration

Maximum Loss

Application Data-sheet
CO 100 PPM Environmental / Leak detection LS2-CO-100PPM.pdf
CO2 100 PPM Environmental / Leak detection LS3-CO2-100PPM.pdf
CFC-HCFC 100 g/y Leak detection LS5-HCFC-100gy.pdf
R22 100 g/y Leak detection LS5-R22-100gy.pdf
R134 100 g/y Leak detection LS5-R134-100gy.pdf
R404 100 g/y Leak detection LS5-R404-100gy.pdf
R407 100 g/y Leak detection LS5-R407-100gy.pdf
R410 100 g/y Leak detection LS5-R410-100gy.pdf
R290 100 g/y Leak detection LS6-R290-100gy.pdf
R600 100 g/y Leak detection LS6-R600-100gy.pdf
SF6 100 PPM Leak detection LS7-SF6-100PPM.pdf