Serie LV


Maximum response speed (up to 50 ms)

Sensitivity up to a few tens of PPM

Broad spectrum of detectable gases

Easy to integrate into OEM systems

LV series sensors are developed for biomedical applications where it is necessary to measure a dynamic evolution in the concentration of a gas. To achieve maximum speed of response they operate in a single IR channel scheme, so they are normally used by performing a zero calibration before each acquisition. They allow concentrations with the accuracy of a few tens of PPM to be measured in less than 60 ms.

The standard gases in this application are CO, CH4 but many others can be detected, such as: CO2, C2H2, NO, NO2, C2H6, C3H8, C4H10, NH3, SO2 .

The standard models of LV series sensors are listed below and their data sheets with measurement specifications can be downloaded.

GAS Maximum Concentration Application Data-sheet
CO 3000 PPM Biomedical LV2-CO-3000PPM.pdf
CH4 3000 PPM Biomedical LV6-CH4-3000PPM.pdf